Final Fantasy VII: The Void

Prologue - The Becoming


The word was definite in its meaning as it resonated against the thick concrete walls. The speaker sat propped up against the locked door, her knees drawn up to her chest. Chin rested on her hands; she glanced upward to the red light above the door, reassuring herself that it was indeed locked. She lowered her head and released a heavy sigh. How had they known? They couldn't have, not with the precautions that had been taken.

The woman pressed her back against the cold steel door and looked towards the ceiling. Even so, she had the information she needed. Now she just had to escape with it. Fuhito had given her this mission; to infiltrate and return with the vital files. She had done so. Using her abilities to access the ShinRa mainframe and download the necessary data. Fuhito had also told her that if she was caught, it wouldn't be a problem. The plan remained that she was to travel to the third floor via elevator and then use the stairs to access the lobby. However, there was this slight problem…

She was still detained in the cell block on the 67th floor. But that was about to change.

She was about to nod off when a low hum suddenly emitted from the door. She glanced upward again and was surprised to see that the light above the door was no longer red…

It was green.

"Green means go.", she muttered with a smirk.

She gathered herself from the floor and stood before the very object that just moments before barred her from the hallway. She reached out, the sensor reacting and quickly sliding the door to the side. She poked her head out into the hallway.


Immediately, she left the confines of cell number four and headed down the hall. She was unarmed, but not completely helpless as she readied her fists for combat. However, on turning the corner, she saw that there was no one. Alone in the darkened hallway, she decided that it was now or never, and with that she quickly made tracks for the staircase.